New TeamSpeak 3 Badges by v3.1.10

A little late but release an update with so far incomplete information about the new badges TeamSpeak 3 which added with version 3.1.10

TeamSpeak Jedi

Already owning a myTeamSpeak account before date X. I don’t know the exact date at this moment but the date is in the past already.
The code for will be send to the e-mail that you did use to register the myTeamSpeak account and you have around 6 months to redeem the code.

No e-mail has been send at this moment.

Official TeamSpeak Gamer

Register a myTeamSpeak account after mentioned date X.
* It could be that you also get it when you already own a myTeamSpeak account.

E3 2018 - Winner

My last information for this badge was that this badge is for E3 attendees.

July 11, 2018
P.S. The last post is also updated and it has all the new badges.
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